Information doc: 

Mr. Alain Van Buyten SENSO2ME NV, Lange Gasthuisstraat 29-31, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium, +32 3 288 54 80


Highlight of objectives 

SENSO2ME (previously named JF Oceans) was created in 2010 as a Living Lab at the disposal of the care sector and facilities dedicated to applied innovation in view of facilitating and provoking the exchange of ideas between different worlds (business, Internet-Of-Things, virtual business, users and virtual users experience). The Living Lab focuses on co-designing experiments in the field of customer convenience and experience.


Full, Augmented & Mixed Reality: Translating and assembling virtual technologies into applied innovative solutions integrated in an intelligent manner with back-end data to improve citizen, customer and employee experiences. The SENSO2ME Living Lab focuses on all stakeholders and their roles in an open collaborative virtual context. Test infrastructure is provided to support testing of the innovative products and services.

Applied Motion analysis: SENSO2ME translates digital human interaction and motions, real time context and behavior to high value business intelligence which is visualized and simulated in collaborative environments to accelerate insights and decision taking.

Internet of Things: The platform provides a virtual network that is intended to connect with Internet of Things to manage information processed by people and objects in a very easy way. An open platform to co-create and test new services and products in a smart way.

Gamification and Visual/Spatial Thinking: SENSO2ME has developed multiple proof-of-concepts and is able to visualize complex data in a way the human brain can quickly comprehend and collaborate with the information overload. The approach of spatial thinking is key to accelerate insights, align all stakeholders and accelerate innovation. The Living Lab provides following portfolio of skills: Immersive co-creation (from ideation to prototyping in 3D), effective Product Lifecycle support, Visual Business Intelligence (providing next-gen technology) and Business Augmentation Services.

The Living Lab has experience in following domains: Sensors: mouse, video & camera, 3D camera, PIR, motion detectors, (ultra-)sound, pressure, light and temperature sensors. RF: ISM packet radio, Zigbee, LoRa, WiFi, RFID, GPRS, DECT, Bluetooth. Methods: case studies, co-creation, scrum design, field experience, user adoption. Techniques: focus group, prototyping, observations, scenario building, storytelling, survey, modeling. Tools: collaboration in virtual environments, mobile design and analysis tools, cloud based server-clusters.

References and Track Record Since the start of the Living Lab (2010) several prototypes and on-going collaboration have already been initiated such as collaborative co-creation in 3D, spatial visualisation, handmade games thru the internet, contextualization analysis all funded with own and client project means.

SENSO2ME masters thru its business consulting and engineering expertise the management process of defining the design, project, running it, and finally take the next steps to industrialization. The core innovation team has proven expertise in the ICT development cycle, electronics development cycles and understanding of disruptive technologies, from the iterative development of products and services together with end-users and other stakeholders until technology roadmap and production start and ramp-up. Multiple patents have been awarded on different designs, which found their way in various products.