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Living Lab is a real-life test and experimentation environment where users and producers co-create innovations. It seeks a strong user & stakeholder-driven approach and commitment to iterative design, test and validation of solutions. In this sense, the activities of our living lab revolve around:

  • Co-design users, suppliers and designers in developing the concept and definition of the solution.
  • Participation and involvement of end users in the process for action research, therefore, we try to implement the proposed solution together with users and producers.
  • Exploration of ideas and needs for the discovery of new uses or adaptation of resources.
  • The application of live scenarios within the user communities
  • Evaluation of concepts, products and services.
  • The main applications of our methodology is to offer customized solutions both in research and development, as in the innovation of products and services for the elderly in real environments and live.
  • In particular, in the past two years, we have focused our activities in:
  • Study of needs and pre-design of new products and services.
  • Testing and validation of projects and services for older persons.

Living Lab Social in real environment is able to bring together and engage numerous stakeholders in the aging process, by creating synergies through professional, Collaborative and experts networks.

The development of our Living Lab is made with character intergenerational, involving formal and informal caregivers, professionals and institutions in related sectors to improve the quality of life of the aging process (social, health, tourism, knowledge, etc.) 

The user’s categories into living lab can be described as: 

  • Older people in residential centers, day centers and users of home help service.
  • Informal caregivers.
  • Professionals of the center (nurses, caregivers, social workers, healthcare professionals, training monitors)
  • Coordinators of home help services.
  • Researchers,
  • Planners.

Living Lab Social in real environment offer a comprehensive and direct service providing customized solutions both research projects and in the development as innovation for products and services for the elderly, in order to adapt these products and services their needs. 

References and Track Record

Key data:

  • 6,700 people attended (potential participants) and their families
  • 1,200 professionals attending these people
  • 20 years of experience (promoter partner, Macrosad)
  • Support academy and other stakeholders.

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