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InnovAGE is a healthcare living lab located in Leuven. Our platform is a partnership between seven important regional players in the field of healthcare, innovation, entrepreneurship and research. We facilitate innovation in eldercare and our main focus is frail elders (with specific or complex health issues). Because of our strong partnership, we are able to make a difference in the projects we support and the lives of people we’re trying to change.

InnovAGE has 4 main activities: 

-        We have access to a wide range of seniors. We involve them in our platform (through co-creation) and in our projects (as test population)

-        We offer state-of-the-art facilities and services to our projects: such as ict integration, communication support, specific tools for panel management.

-        We co-create and bring possible partners together in order to develop ideas and initiate projects.

-        Our quadruple-helix platform brings together the wide network of governments, companies, healthcare organisations and end-users.


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References and Track Record

 InnovAGE is currently supporting 6 projects. All of these projects are executed by multidisciplinary teams working together on intermural processes and products:

 -        “Diabetes management in nursing homes”, which aims to

  • develop and standardize protocols for diabetes management in nursing homes.
  • test whether telemonitoring and communication tools can support diabetes management.
  • ultimately reduce the number of hospital admissions due to complications of diabetes.

 -         “Medication and cognitive impaired elderly living at home”, which strives for:

  • Augmenting compliance on medication intake.
  • Developing healthcare pathways between primary caregivers, pharmacists and general practitioners thereby ensuring a safer prescription, delivery and intake of medication.
  • Testing the use of a smart medication dispensing tool and its value in support of reaching the ambition of compliance in medication intake.

-     “Short-term revalidation of patients with CVA”, which aims to:

  • Develop a new structure of education, follow-up and evaluation, using interactive platforms and communication, in the form of a short-term revalidation in a health care facility for patients with low recovery potential after suffering a stroke, in need of revalidation

 -        “Innovative patient-centred service in order to support medication compliance: MemoPatch®”, striving to:

  • Create an optimal environment for older patients living at home by using the MemoPatch®
  • The MemoPatch® is a bandaid that gives a subtle vibration to remind patients to take their medication
  • A central role is given to the pharmacist who advices the patient and programs the MemoPatch ®.

-        “Fall-net: development of a guidance network in order to improve fall therapy compliance for elderly at home”, aiming to:

  • Develop a platform in order to enhance therapy compliance for elderly at risk of falling.
  • This platform consists of digital instruments for caregivers and patients, aiming to perfect advice, educate involved parties on the subject and giving patients a possibility to give feedback on the followed therapy
  • A fall-net coach will moderate the use of the platform and ensures correct use of the advice and follow-up.

-        “Preventing unplanned hospitalisations for frail elders”, which aims to:

  • Construct an integrated care model, combining a geriatric presence at the ER of the hospital and a follow-up in the home-environment after discharge.
  • Testing and evaluation of this integrated care model

A close cooperation between an in-hospital-liaison and homecare-liaison, supported by an electronic communication system.