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ICT Technology NetworkTehnološki park 24 – Building E, 3rd floor1000 Ljubljana


Stanko SalamonICT TN Executive Manager e:  stanko.salamon@ict-slovenia.netm: +386 41 626 963      

dr. Janez BesterICT TN Head of Project Councile: janez.bester@fe.uni-lj.sim: +386 41 707 555      


Darja GorsekICT TN Project Officere: darja.gorsek@ict-slovenia.netm: +386 40 551 522    



In 2003 leading Slovenian companies, research institutions and universities join together
in order to boost the R&D on the area of information and communication technology. In
2005 they form a consortium ICT Technology Network in order to seize the opportunity
and to realize ideas and enable success. In order to achieve this goal they decided to
integrate: knowledge, technologies, people, companies and institutions. Members of the
ICT Technology Network work on broader area of ICT. Their motto is: “Seize the

Description of Concept

Since 2005 ICT Technology Network has been operating as a consortium of companies, universities and its members, public and other research institutions and other legal entities which have expressed interest in co- operating in the realisation of common development strategy and achievement of consortium goals. The aim of consortium was to ensure efficient mechanisms for the support of joint technology development
projects and establishment of an integrated innovation environment in the field of information and communication technologies. ICT Technology Network counts 48 members (36 companies, 3 Universities - 6 faculties and 6 research institutions).
Members of the network realise the goals of the 2004 - 2008 common strategy by uniting large or small groups of companies (large, medium-sized and small enterprises) and institutions into development projects in order to achieve the necessary critical mass of knowledge, technologies and capital. This enables fast transfer of knowledge into new products and technologies and the achievement of synergy effects such as
higher added value of products and services and increased competitiveness of companies in the global markets. Moreover, ICT Technology Network develops co-operation with other development and technology initiatives (technology networks, technology platforms etc.) and, in the dialogue with state bodies, contributes to the promotion of technology development.

References and Track Record

 During the four years of its existence and activities, ICT Technology Network has proven that it is by far the most propulsive technology network in Slovenia with the greatest potential of know-how and capital, the most renowned researchers as well as the applicative and industrial projects.  In 2005 the companies and institutions which are members of ICT Technology Network generated income of EUR 1.8 billion and
with their prevailingly complex technological products achieved a more than 20% share of Slovenian export. In total the network members employed 13.500 persons of which almost 9.000 in companies. Members of ICT Technology Network create approximately 4,6 % of Slovenian GDP. The development potential of the network is best reflected in more than 1.000 researchers employed in its member companies and institutions.