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The Dublin Living Lab was founded to provide a collaborative environment within which companies, public bodies, academic organisations and other collaborators could design, build, and test cleantech products and services which can make our cities and communities more resource efficient. The Dublin Living Lab is the convergence of research and real life environments that provide innovators with the opportunity to test technology and/or services at pre-commercial stages of the development cycle.


Many global challenges exist, from continual population growth and demographic change around the world and lack of security of supply with respect to energy, food and clean water. These challenges are acutely felt in cities, where over half of the world’s population reside. Europe and Ireland has the opportunity to work with citizens, industry and government to identify innovative ways to address these global challenges. The development of solutions to address these challenges in smarter cities depends on many small, clever ideas that are all underpinned by good governance and citizen engagement. The Dublin LL has been established to provide an evironment in which these innovative solutions can thrive.

The Dublin Living Lab supports the development of clean technolgies and services that will enable cities to become smarter – or more resource efficient – and to become vibrant environments in which citizens live, work and play. In this context, clean technology has a broad scope which spans from leveraging ICT capabilities to drive efficiencies in resource consumption to the development of highly advanced innovations in materials as well as mechanical and electrical systems.

The Dublin LL provides innovators with an opportunity to engage with public bodies to understand the real constraints facing cities using a structured methodology to support innovation. It also provides innovators the opportunity to work with researchers, who are experts in the multiple technical disciplines, for example in areas such as sensor technology, analytics, energy and water.The Dublin LL facilitates access to real-life civic testing environments which affords innovators valuable opportunities to test, develop and validate new cleantech products and services and, ultimately, shapes the evolution of Dublin as a smart city.

References and Track Record

The Dublin LL has previously partnered with Glen Dimplex in a Living Lab pilot project which tested Smart Electric Thermal Storage (SETS) heaters in 140 homes in Dublin city. The technology, Quantum, has been uniquely developed for home heat storage systems and is set to revolutionise the way energy companies charge storage heaters whilst maximising use of renewable wind energy.

The testing has shown that, not only is there advantages for energy companies and grid operators, but that the Quantum technology has the potential to deliver a 30% economic saving to indiviual homeowners. See more here and via the below video:

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