DigiArt Living Lab Tunis- Nabeul


DigiArt Living Lab is managed by NET-INFO (School of Art & technology)
34 Abou Bakr Bokri Montplaisir 1073 Tunis, Tunisia: +216 71 90 48 38 Fax +216 72 22 30 86 45

avenu Habib Bourguiba , Nabeul 8000, Tunisia: +216 72 230 230 Fax +216 72 22 30 86

Contact Details: Mrs. Samia CHELBI, samia@3dnetinfo.com 



DigiArt Living Lab is an experimental platform for young talents and for creative professionals to design and produce their prototype. It's also a space to share innovative experiences (digital art performance of artists), to create collaboration between artists and engineers in order to transform innovative experiences into a commercial products using several types of business models. As a laboratory, DigiArt Living Lab Tunis-.Nabeul invites young talented people from creative and digital economy, users, academics, local authorities, architects and urban planners to create unreleased ways of approaching and transforming the smart city. It aims at developing process of open innovation in real environment. The aim of DigiArt Living Lab is to promote the cooperation in North Africa first and the Euro-Mediterranean area after, between the stakeholders in the creative industries, digital technologies enterprises and traditional industries, as well as to generate new innovative partnerships between Living Labs and between them and the new partners. Other specific objectives of DigiArt Living Lab are to improve production processes and marketing, enhance the transfer of skills, identify new business and funding models, and increase the capacity of transnational cooperation and internationalisation.

An important aspect of a DigiArt Living Lab is the sustainable partnership and its related networks since good cross-border collaboration builds on trust and common interests. DigiArt Living Lab is main initiator of the establishment of the first Creative Industry Cluster in North of Africa to connect the actors and stakeholders into one cross-border community.

References and Track Record

1. The Digital Arts Festival (or FAN) was launched in 2006 under the name of Digital Animation Festival. It is now in its 10th edition (2015). FAN’s aim is to provide an opportunity for actors and international experts in digital technologies to meet annually and to promote innovation through mutual exchanges and synergies between education, research and industry in this area.

2.Ta7rik is an animation film festival project. By organizing this festival, we would like to encourage young talents and promote animation in Tunisia and Africa. The festival focuses on the promotion of animation of 2D and 3D short films presenting all the possible animation techniques either from an artistic, commercial or experimental point of view, etc. It is also an opportunity to bring together the animators in the region in a friendly and creative atmosphere: http://tahrik.tn

3. « La Tunisie s’anime » is a cinematic event initiated by the French Institute of Tunisia (IFT) and organized in different parts of the country from 16 to 23 December 2011, in partnership with associations and cultural institutions. The event was organized in partnership with Createc (Tunisian Association of Creative Technologies). The program featured the animated film projection, white boards and workshops digital animation production.   

4. The Game Dev is an event organized by Netinfo, CREATEC in partnership with the Tunisian Game Developers TGD and the Android club INSAT.This event is part of the presentation of the video game industry in the world and in Tunisia. How to develop a video game? What to do and what to avoid? How to work in the video game and what is the future to this sector in the country? GAME Dev is an event dedicated to the development of video games; it is composed of Conference, 3D video game programming workshops and a challenge as a produc’on prototype racing video game.


www.3dnetinfo.com, www.createc.tn, www.tahrik.tn, https://www.facebook.com/NetInfoACC?pnref=story , https://www.facebook.com/createcnabeul?fref=ts.