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Name: Mr. Femi Longe

Position: Director for Programes (Open Living Labs)

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Co-creation Hub OLL is Nigeria’s first living lab and we’re located in the fastest growing and most populated city in the country. We are the physical nexus of a community (12,650+) of progressive individuals and organizations (technologists, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, tech companies, investors and hackers) interested in the application of technology to solve social problems in Nigeria. CcHub’s OLL aims to:

●    Facilitate creative thinking and collaborative problem solving

●    Encourage technology innovation in Nigeria

●    Encourage shared accountability between technologists & innovators

●    Serve as a living lab for prototyping and testing

●    Knowledge platform where members share, build new skills and competencies

●    Connect, share, create and find expertise

Benefits and Challenges

As the leading social innovation centre in Nigeria, we play an active role in the engagement of citizens, civil society, civil servants, researchers and development practitioners in development of novel solutions to local challenges.

Since establishment, CcHub has supported the development and launch of more than 50 innovative technology startups solving social challenges in Nigeria in areas including budget transparency, physical fitness, education, culture preservation, healthcare delivery and environment

Through our open living labs, we bring together diverse stakeholder groups including subject matter experts, technologist, marketing & business professionals to co-create innovative solution to clearly defined social problems in Nigeria. We have run 17 living labs in the last 5 years on themes including Governance (Indigo Trust), Water & Sanitation (World Bank), Trade Transparency (DFID), Culture & Creative Industries (British Council), Financial Literacy (Visa), Education, Health etc.  These have led to the creation of more than 45 tools and apps some of which have launched as products of new startups.

Funded by the Omidyar Network, Indigo Trust, Google and Schmidt Family Foundation; CcHub is well positioned as a trusted Innovation Advisor to government, Civil Society and the Creative Community in the application of collective intelligence for the accomplishment of societal common goals in Nigeria.


  1. Re:Learn: Re:learn is an open living lab focused on learning and smart application of technology in classrooms. Re:learn will provide leadership and support to multi-stakeholders to accelerate the smart application of technology in classrooms across Nigeria. Our approach will incorporate extensive research on the application of technology to enhance learning in classrooms, improve the way kids learn through better content development, pedagogy, monitoring and assessment, development of a multi-stakeholder network - schools, private organizations, educators & government parastatals and also incubation & funding of Ed. Tech startups. The first Re:Learn Centre will launch in Q2 2016.
  2. GoVote: Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) Partnered with Ford Foundation to build & launch a standalone voter education platform which is answering critical enquiries of citizens around the registration process. Co-Creation Hub, working in collaboration with INEC IT Directorate & Citizen Contact Centre, INITS and Enough is Enough Nigeria, successfully extend the features of INEC’s voter verification platform to make it more accessible to a larger segment of the population.
  3. Enterprise Technology Challenge: The Co-creation hub in partnership with Intel hosted the ETC, a 48-hour rapid prototyping hackathon, where software developers/designers, branding gurus, SME experts and business brains collaborated to transform ideas into working prototypes. Working in teams, they built innovative, locally appealing and relevant web and mobile apps that will empower & support the needs and aspirations of small & growing businesses in Nigeria. The top 3 ideas from the competition entered into the CcHUB’s pre-incubation program to further develop their ideas.

Living Lab methods and tools

CcHub OLL is organized around the key processes required to take the journey from discovery/co-creation of a new idea that can solve a social problem through the idea having impact on the world. This approach is illustrated below:


Community: At the heart of the operations of our living lab is a community of diverse stakeholders outlined in the petal below.

nigeria 2

Co-Creation: The magic in our living lab happens when these stakeholders are brought together to co-create solutions around specific clearly defined social challenges in sectors important to quality of life for the average Nigerian.

Pre-Incubator & Incubator: The better ideas coming out of this process are supported to go to market through our pre-incubator & incubator.


Unique Characteristics of our Living Lab

Our Space is a hive of activities where work to create social change in Nigeria happens everyday. Everyday 250 to 300 people pass through our facilities working on projects and businesses aiming to change the way people, live, work and do business in Nigeria 

Relationships: We have working relationships with organisations across all sectors including universities, large and small corporate organisations, local and international NGOs, government agencies at all levels and institutions in other countries. We are also firmly embedded in Nigeria’s startup ecosystem. These relationships help us push the envelope around the kind of things we can try out while allowing us sustainability

Experimentation: We are constantly experimenting new approaches to solving local problems in Nigeria leveraging web and mobile technology. Whether driven by us or by members of our community, we understand that not every idea will work but we give them a chance to try at varying stages starting with ideation and prototyping.

People-driven: We work with local people to find solutions to their own local problems. We believe Nigerians are very smart and if given opportunity and if they collaborate, they can find unique solutions that can even be scaled to other parts of the world. Our Open Living Lab is the Innovation & Collaboration Station

Your living lab or project in a box

CcHub OLL is Nigeria’s first open living lab. Our community (15,350+) of progressive individuals and organizations (technologists, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, tech companies, investors and hackers) converge to develop smart applications of digital technology to solve social problems in Nigeria. 


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