CityLAB Graz

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CityLAB Graz / StadtLABOR Graz, Reininghausstraße 11a, 8020 Graz Austria


Barbara Hammerl & Hans Schnitzer, managing directors

Phone: +43 316 22 89 46




CityLAB Graz – Innovations for urban quality of life


CityLAB Graz is a private non-profit research and innovation platform in the context of urban development processes. Our goal is to raise the quality of life in cities / city districts by fostering urban innovations at different levels of society. We support an interdisciplinary, creative and critical discourse around the sustainable city of tomorrow (“Smart City”). The acceptance and successful realisation of „Smart Cities“ require coordinated interactions of humans and technology - of social and technological urban innovations. We are convinced that cooperative and integrative urban development processes involving different actors of society – public authorities, companies, science, NGOs, civic organisations – lead to better and more innovative results. Therefore, networking, cooperation and providing impulses play an important role in our work.

CityLAB Graz develops and implements projects in urban environments in collaboration with clients and cooperation partners. In our projects we mainly address the four thematic areas mapped below. 


All our activities and projects are led by living lab key principles, such as

  • Opening of innovation processes and inclusive participation
  • Fostering dialogue and communication at eye-level
  • Experimenting and learning by doing
  • Collaborative knowledge production and sharing
  • System change and user-driven innovation
  • Following the goals of sustainable development

CityLAB Graz is strategic partner of the European SEISMIC project - Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual Learning in Cities ( and is engaged in many other Austrian and European networks: To be mentioned are the Austrian smart city community (, the European PREPARE network of experts in sustainable consumption and production ( or the Austrian Green Tech Cluster ECO World Styria (

References and Track Record 

CityLAB Graz has been involved in a number of local and regional and European projects, ranging from Smart City research projects (e.g. Smart City Graz, cooperative urban development processes, establishing district management and neighbourhood offices or developing training materials in the context of smart cities.

Our clients and cooperation partners come from municipalities, universities and research organisations, architects and urban planners, developers, organisations from the cultural sector and NGOs.