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Katherine Nelissen, Platformcoordinator CareVille

Agoralaan Building Abis

3590 Diepenbeek



Tel: +32 11286903


CareVille is an integrated network and living lab for user centered innovation in elderly care. We offer a real life environment for companies and health care organizations to develop innovative concepts for elderly care. In CareVille we focus on mobility of care, not only on the mobility of the user of health care, but also on the mobility of the caregiver and the care itself (care as a product or process). Besides being a real-life test environment, CareVille is also used to create new innovative ideas in co creation with the elderly. This way we strengthen the effective implementation of these innovations. CareVille is a living lab consisting of lots of partners, each with their own expertise, including local authorities, care institutions, knowledge institutes, companies,…. This ensures that the necessary expertise (triple helix) is present.

 The main purpose of CareVille is to develop innovative ideas, together with the elderly, that strengthen the mobility of elderly care to make sure that the elderly can reside longer and with a higher quality of life, in their home environment. The ideas that are developed within CareVille should also contribute to a strong economical environment and job creation in the region.


References and Track Record

Since the start of CareVille Limburg in February 2014 several initiatives were already taken. We introduced CareVille to the local elderly population and initiated several projects: Cardiocoach ( 150 test users involved), Individual Medication Preparation (200 test users involved), Safe mobility in traffic ( 200 test users involved) and Jobtime (500 test users = care providers).

Several CareVille partners (LifeTechLimburg, POM Limburg, H. Essers, cities of Genk and Hasselt, White-Yellow Cross Limburg,...) have already experience in other (inter)national health care related projects. This expertise proves to be very useful for CareVille: Vitalink (Implementing an electronic Medication overview in Belgium), Universal Design Living Lab, MhuDA (recycle medical devices), HIPS (optimising processes in hospitals), KLIMOP (cohort study of older cancer patients)