Berytech Living Lab (BeLL)


Berytech Living Lab (BeLL)

Berytech Technology Pole

Mkalles, Lebanon

Mr. Ramy Boujawdeh, Deputy GM;

Ms. Krystel Khalil, Head of Communication & Outreach;

Tel: +961 4 533040



Berytech was created right at the turn of the Century by visionaries at the Saint-Joseph University, in 2001, to be the first technology pole in Lebanon and the region that provides a conducive environment for the creation and development of startups, through incubation, business support, counseling, funding, networking and company hosting. Berytech took part in the economic revival of the country, participating in wealth and job creation, and retaining graduates and hi-level skills in Lebanon while stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation.

Berytech initiated along the way, several pioneering activities, promoting entrepreneurship, such as: Incubation Awards, entrepreneurship competitions, summer schools and regional academies for entrepreneurs, startup courses to engineers, Micro-Entreprise Acceleration Programs, university roadshows, local & international exhibitions & workshops, Entrepreneurs Forums, startup-weekends, mentoring programs, networking events, lunch-debates, gala dinners, and more.

Berytech is engaged in several regional and international support programs, tackling innovation in its various aspects including technology, social innovation, digital Arabic content, multimedia and more, in partnership with key stakeholders on the local and international level to develop entrepreneurs’ businesses and help them access markets. 

Berytech intends to develop its network of strategic partners connecting its community of entrepreneurs , startups and SMEs with experts on the local, regional and international level, adding expertise, best practice transfer, networking and other opportunities. 

Being actual member of enoll, Berytech aims to:

- Develop and promote initiatives and programs, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and supporting business growth.  

- Support innovative ideas and start-ups through incubation, coaching and mentoring. 

Collaborate with other members to provide support for entrepreneurs in the field of user-driven innovation, testing viable products, surveys and research.

- Increase networking opportunities and exchange of expertise and business development

- Promote and support online community and interaction with Enoll members, encouraging best practice transfer and developing potential cooperation and partnership between members.  


Berytech implements adapted programs to encourage entrepreneurship, stimulate innovation and engage its community in fruitful networking and collaboration, relying on its dynamic environment, expertise in the field, network of partners, qualified team, near-by university labs and community as well as targeted events and initiatives covering the below aspects:


  • Mentorship, counselling, coaching and technical trainings
  • Incubation programs, entrepreneurship contests
  • Technology Round tables
  • Online platforms for collaboration
  • Startup weekends and Devcamps
  • Debate discussion with experts
  • Speed networking events
  • Development camps and hackathons
  • Pitch Fest for seed investment
  • Summer schools & regional academies for entrepreneurs
  • Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Programs
  • University roadshows
  • Local & international exhibitions & workshops
  • Entrepreneurs Forums
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week activities
  • Open doors to engage with university students community
  • Access to funding and access to markets


References and Track Record

 Berytech grew from one technology pole in Mar Roukoz in 2001 to another technology health pole in Damascus Road in 2007, to the creation of the first venture/seed fund for technology startups in 2008, to Beirut Creative Cluster in 2012, empowering creative industries, to Berytech Digital Park in 2013, in Beirut Digital District Area (Bechara El Khoury). In 2015, Berytech launched 2 new funding entities, Berytech Fund II and IM Capital, offering additional funding opportunities for innovative businesses with more than $70M to invest in startups and SMEs, leading to the following key figures since 2002:

  • More than 80 startups created
  • More than 200 companies hosted
  • More than 1500 jobs created
  • More than 3500 entrepreneurs trained
  • More than $70 million to invest in startups and SMEs