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Eric SEULLIET, +33 (0) 660 693 040,   La Fabrique du Futur – 5 rue Auguste Comte, 75006 – Paris FRANCE






Established in October 2013 by three major players in innovation - Creative Valley, Epitech and La Fabrique du Futur - the Discovery Innovation Lab (DIL) - is the first node in a network of Open Innovation and Co-creation labs, aiming to rapidly conceive successful products .


DIL is an innovation hub located in Kremlin-Bicêtre (southern suburb of Paris) consisting of:

  • A center for rapid prototyping equipped with advanced fablabs: the « Creative Labs » (robotics, 3D, connected objects, big data , ... )

  • A lively place to foster encounters between innovators and conceived as a crucible for making innovations emerge.

  • A set including incubators, incubator, business hotel , coworking spaces, spaces for events connected to other places (real and virtual).

  • A living lab, member of ENoLL (the European network of Living Labs) and of France Living Labs

The Discovery Innovation Lab functions on the principles of cooperation and collective intelligence.

For this purpose, the DIL facilitates an ecosystem of competencies: experts, mentors, creative people, designers, facilitators and mediators of innovation.

DIL has access to communities of " lead users " and testers who co- create and validate innovations.

DIL has established a network of partners (companies , institutions, schools , local authorities, etc.). who provide support .

DIL provides a one-stop access for innovators: it provides a comprehensive and systematic accompaniment through specific methods based on " living lab " and design thinking approaches. More specific services are also available "on demand".

The three founders of DIL are:

  • Emmanuel CARLI , CEO of Epitech. Epitech is the first computer school in France with more than 4000 students and a presence in 12 French cities.

  • Yann GOZLAN, President of Creative Valley. Creative Valley is an innovation hub gathering incubators for startups (in digital and biotech sectors) , co-working spaces , showrooms and spaces dedicated to events.

  • Eric SEULLIET, President of La Fabrique du Futur , CEO of DIL. The Factory of the Future is a think tank for the future that promotes approaches towards co- creation and co -innovation, taking into account social and civic dimension.